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Rental Department
We rent Yorkville and Electro-Voice Sound Products including Elite, Pulse and TX speakers, Audiopro amplifiers, mixers and DJ products. Check out the list below and email us to reserve any of these items.
Call (705) 743-1390

Alphatube preamp
Altomonitor Processor
REV500 Yamaha Fx unit
Control60 digital 30 band stereo eq
DBX drive rack (PA/260)
HP30 Apex open headphones
HP60 Apex semi-open headphones
Hp90 Apex closed headphones
HPA6 Alto 6ch headphone amp
01v96 Yamaha 32ch digital console
A&H PA20
A&H iLive T112
A&H R72
GA-32 Yamaha mixer
Powered Mixers
M1610 1600w 8ch stereo box mixer
M810 800w 8ch stereo box mixer
CR-5 500watt Yorkville power amp
CR-12 1200watt Yorkville power amp
Mic stnd ms-205(b) ms-108 etc
apex110 condensor mic
apex120 tom mic
apex125 kick/bass mic
apex126 snare/tom/guitar mic
apex130 boundary mic
apex140 gooseneck podium mic
apex145 gooseneck mic w/cast base
apex150/150w hanging choir mic
apex180 condenser w/changeable head
apex220 measurement mic
apex270 dynamic headset mic
apex351 dynamic vocal mic
apex381 dynamic vocal mic
apex420 large dphrm condenser Mic
apex430 lrg dphrm condenser Mic
apex870 dynamic vocal mic
app22 dual phantom pwr supply
Beta91 Boundary/kick drum mic
Beta98 Clip on drum/instr mic
C420 AKG headset mic
D112 AKG kick drum mic
C-1000 AKG condensor mic
HM-7 EV headset mic
BSS active Di
Passive mono Di
Passive stereo Di
Wireless mics
RE-2BP Ev wireless beltpack w/0LM10
RE-2N767 Ev wireless handheld
RE-92TX lavalier unidirectional mic
BP-1 Belt pack w/headset clearcom
ULXs wireless handheld or beltpack
BS-50t steel speaker stand
BS-710 hvy dty music stand
FX4 w/16ACL cans
FL-005 screw in egg strobe
FL-035 mini box strobe
Hazer SM04 w/tank of juice
LP304x2, 2stnds & LP608
snake100s16 12x4 100' mic snake
snake100s20 16x4 100' mic snake
snake150s20 16x4 150' mic snake
snake150s28 24x4 150' mic snake
snake150s28 28ch 150' 2w mic splitsnake
snake150s48 40x8 150' 2w mic splitsnake
SRC146 24ch DMX lighting console
EF500p Powered elite speaker
EX1000 1000w 2x15" & 1" + 2twtrs
LS800 800w subwoofer
LS800p 1500w pwrd subwoofer
LS218 Soundpro 2x18" subwoofer
Nx250 250w Yorkville spkr
Nx350 350w Yorkville spkr
Nx20 350w Yorkville spkr
Nx250p 200w powered Yorkville spkr
Nx550p 550w Yorkville pwrd spkr
Nx600 600w Yorkville spkr
Nx750p 750w Yorkville pwrd spkr
Nx88 125w Yorkville spkr
TX4 2way processed 15"&2"
U15 Yorkville 800w 3 way spkr
Y112(m) Yorkville performance spkr
Y115 Yorkville performance spkr
Y115p Yorkville pwrd spkr
Y150 Yorkville performance spkr
Y118pw Yorkville pwrd subwoofer
Y252 Performance 2x15" X1" horn
Ysm1i Yorkville studio monitor
Ysm1p Yorkville pwrd studio monitor
Amp & FX racks
TX4r 2 A4.4, 1 PL218 TX4p & distro


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